Seasonal House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Here are some seasonal house cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep your house clean between professional house cleaning visits.

When you live in a desert, you get used to dust and sand getting absolutely everywhere. But did you know that dust isn't just dirt? Only 20% are actually particles from outside (like soil and dirt). Nearly 70% of dust is actually dead flakes of skin. That's a little gross. And we're getting into the season where it's just going to get worse. During the fall months, when the weather is nice and your windows are open, the dust and dirt in your house seem to increase exponentially (and the accompanying flakes of dead skin). So here are some seasonal house cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep your house clean between professional house cleaning visits.

Dust From Top to Bottom

I know this seems obvious and not really a special tip or trick, but it's not something that everyone does, so it's going on our list. The key here is to keep up on it, and dust on a daily or every-other-day schedule. Doing a little bit every day will stop it from building up into a problem and will help you keep your home cleaner for longer between deep cleans. Ending your dusting binge with a sweep or vacuum of the floor to get anything you pushed off the shelves will add to your round of cleaning, and help keep down the dust that you've tracked in on your shoes from outside.

Declutter Your Shelves

This is a simple way to make cleaning and dusting easier. The less you have on your shelves, the less stuff will collect dust, and the less you have to workaround. Of course, this isn't always applicable to everyone (sometimes, knickknacks are important, and we understand that) but it can help win your daily battle against dust, and helps makes the overall upkeep a little bit easier.

Re-Clean The Dishes in Your Cupboard (Yes, All of Them)

Dust particles can get literally everywhere. So, this time of year it's not a bad idea to do a deep clean of all your kitchen dishes and appliances, especially those you haven't used in a while. The dust can creep behind cabinet doors and in closed drawers, so doing a rewash of everything will give you a clean slate for the coming fall months. While your cupboards are empty, you can also vacuum up anything that has accumulated in those hard-to-reach corners and cabinets.

Check Those Vents and Filters

Since we're just coming down from the hot summer months, now is the time to check those air conditioning filters (and any other vents in the house) to get them cleaned out for the season. This will help clear your air of dust particles, which should help the dust levels overall as well. It will also have the side-benefit of helping your electricity bill, as the filters won't have to work as hard to clear the air.

Hire Professional Maid Services

And of course, you don't have to do it all yourself. If you're feeling overwhelmed, look up your local house cleaning services to come and clean your home to professional standards. If you're in the Tucson, AZ area then A Maid To Order, a professional maid service team that has been Woman Owned since 1988, will be happy to help prep your home for the fall season and get a handle on the influx of dust.