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How Much Time Does the Average Family Spend Cleaning?

Some people find house cleaning cathartic. However, a significant percentage of people find cleaning mundane or necessary.

How much time do you spend on house cleaning? Cleaning the windows, dusting the carpet, washing laundry, mopping the stairs? One survey by One Poll involving 2,000 Americans who share space with a partner spent 23 hours and 36 minutes monthly house cleaning. That is almost a whole day per month. These findings are reiterated by the American Cleaning Institute, which found that, on average, Americans spend 6 hours per week cleaning. The ACI survey found that even though 6 hours a week is plenty, a third of the respondents were concerned the time was insufficient.

69% of respondents in One Poll felt that time cleaning denied them quality time. Some people had to sacrifice dates to house cleaning. Do you find that cleaning interferes with spending quality time with family? Housework dynamics have significantly changed, and now families are more involved in house cleaning. However, cleaning still consumes a significant portion of family time.

Most Prolonged House Cleaning Tasks on Average

But what are the tasks that take the longest time? According to the OnePoll survey, sweeping and dusting take the longest time, followed by room cleaning and laundry. In a similar study by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, women are more involved in cleaning and take, on average, 17 minutes daily on laundry, while room cleaning takes 29 minutes. Other tasks that take a long time are vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen and utensils. However, the main frustration is cleaning every day or frequently.

Most Hated House Cleaning Tasks

Some people find cleaning cathartic. They enjoy feeling dishwashing liquid and organizing spaces. However, a significant percentage of people find cleaning mundane or necessary. Even among cleaning lovers, some types of cleaning are less enjoyable. The most dreaded tasks are frequent, such as cleaning toilets and sinks and cleaning the bathroom. Some respondents also find cleaning the oven a daunting task. What is the job that you dread the most? How would you love never having to do that cleaning task again?

Prevention Tips

While cleaning must be done eventually, you could significantly reduce the need for cleaning by dealing with tasks immediately. For example, if your child spills liquid on their shirt, soak it immediately. Do not wait for tasks to pile up.

However, hiring a maid service is the best way to keep on top of your house cleaning needs. You would be freeing up your time to do things that matter to you. In addition, you would be providing sustainable employment for cleaning assistants. For more information on our services, give us a call today.