Hiring Maid Services Can Help With Allergies And Here Is Why

Seasonal allergies are some of the worst ailments during the year. Around 60 million people in the United States suffer from seasonal allergies. Therefore, it is important to hire a house cleaner to reduce the symptoms of allergies during the heart of spring! Below are some of the many reasons why a house cleaner can help with allergies and can improve symptoms for you and your loved ones.

1. Clear Away Dust

A trained house cleaner knows which areas of the home are prone to dust accumulation. House cleaners understand that dust is one of the main causes of season allergies, and allergic rhinitis year-round. Dust can accumulate in areas you would not think to check, such as in vents, within your ductwork, on your ceiling fan, and in the blinds of your window. In addition, if you have clutter, this also increases the chances of dust forming within your home.

Chances are, you have quite a bit of dust already in your home. In fact, according to a recent Closet Clutter-Organization Survey from ClosetMaid, they found that over half of 2,000 Americans surveyed admitted they had a clutter issue! Fortunately, a house cleaner can help get rid of dust that settles around the home, as well as clear away clutter to prevent more dust from forming and affecting your allergies.

2. Prevent Mold

Mold tends to accumulate in places of the home that are prone to moisture. Such places include areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. A house cleaner can help do daily cleaning of these areas and get rid of any moisture. For instance, most housekeepers understand that cleaning a bathroom also means cleaning the tub, shower, and areas that can gather moisture. This helps keep away water, which in turn helps prevent black mold from forming. When this mold forms, spores can travel easily in the air. Studies show that mold can lead to allergies and asthma flare-ups.

3. Clean Linens

House cleaners can help clear off dirt and debris within linen. Make sure your house cleaner washes bedding and clothes, which can harbor dust mites and dirt. Many well-trained house cleaners understand that part of the cleaning process involves thoroughly washing linens, which can help prevent asthma flare-ups if you become exposed to dust mites within your linen.

If you are looking for reliable and thorough house cleaning, give A Maid to Order a call today!