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3 Places Where Dust May Be Secretly Accumulating in Your Home

When it comes to house cleaning, it's important that you're dusting. But sometimes dust can hide in unexpected places. Here's where it may be.

Dust is plain insidious, showing up almost everywhere and requiring you to constantly clean so that you don't kick it up again. According to OneDesk, people tend to clean for about two to four hours each week. However, the dust keeps coming back. You vacuum, you wipe down tables, you sweep the floor, and dust keeps showing up.

That's partly because carpet and funiture fibers, along with dry skin cells, continue to be released into the environment. It's also because there are pockets of dust in your home that can sit for years before you even think to look at them. Here are three places in your home you may not have realized are accumulating dust.

On Top of Hanging Items

If you have anything hanging that you don't regularly remove, check the top of them. Hangers that are sitting at the back of the closet, purses that you haven't used in months, planters, and more can gather dust on top. You'll want to take a dry-sweeping cloth that traps dust and carefully clean them all off. Then, when you do your weekly house cleaning, remember to wipe them down. A quick swipe is often enough.

Furniture Legs

Decorative furniture legs often have grooves that serve as a nice landing spot for dust. The problem can be especially bad on legs that are hidden, like the back side of the couch. This dust can really build up if you aren't careful. Move each piece of furniture out and wipe it down; depending on the material, you might be able to use just a dry cloth, but other, rougher surfaces may require a cleaning solution to wet the dust in order to make it easier to pick up out of grooves and patterns.

On the Vertical Sides of Anything

Dust not only falls on horizontal surfaces, but it clings to vertical surfaces, as well. The sides of bookcases, mirrors, storage cases, and even walls can hold dust. It's actually a good idea to dust your walls once in a while, too. When you clean a room, take those dry sweeping cloths and run them down the sides and backs of furniture, cases, lamps, and anything else in the room.

If the job seems too big for you, you can always call a maid service like A Maid to Order. We can do the initial deep clean and will even come back every week if you wish. So, get in touch with us today, and let us help you conquer the dust in your home!